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All Natural Hair Loss Treatment in Mississauga

At Antech Hair & Skin Clinics we understand that there is no such thing as an one-size-fits-all treatment. This is why we take the time to thoroughly understand your concerns.

Laser Hair Removal

At Antech Hair & Skin Clinics we are conscious that eliminating unwanted facial hair and body hair has been a preoccupation for centuries. Through the years we progressed to waxing that often left unsightly in-grown hair in the place of facial hair or shaving and plucking that required considerable time each day.

Scalp Treatment

Since the 1970’s, Antech has been at the fore front of natural scalp treatments for thinning hair, hair loss and scalp related problems. If you are experiencing profuse hair loss; or have started to show signs of thinning hair do not hesitate to call us!

Skin Treatment

Antech Hair offers Luxurious cleansing of the skin followed by ANTECH’s Natural Mineral Crystal Therapy (NMCT) with anti-bacterial properties designed to gently remove skin impurities and toxins, increase circulation and oxygenation of the treated area stimulating cellular renewal.

Hair Treatment

Welcome to Antech Hair and Skin Clinics

Antech Hair, an Ontario based company, has been in the forefront educating the general public for over 25 years about the intricacies of hair loss, hair removal, anti-aging and aesthetic therapies. Antech Hair is renowned for its combination of cutting edge technology and select Bio-stimulants utilized throughout the two locations across Ontario.

We believe that healthy, radiant hair and skin is a definite asset.
The clinic’s highly trained and dedicated staff offer personalized care in a relaxing environment. Fast and effective service awaits you. Call for your FREE and PRIVATE consultation today!

Hair Loss Treatment Clinic Mississauga


Have been following the Hair loss treatment program at Antech Hair and Skin Clinic for almost 12 years.My hair is healthier now and hair loss is minimal .The staffs are very friendly, supportive and professional. I would definitely recommend Antech Hair clinic for hair loss treatments. - Hema

Very nice people, and they do a great job. Patient. Easy teeth whitening sessions. And very professional - Jefferson M.

Had one session and would recommend this place to others. The staff was knowledgeable, professional and the establishment had a nice welcoming atmosphere. Looking forward to my next visit. - Laura C.

3 Easy Steps for Hair Loss Control

Antech Micro

  • FREE Consultation with a specialist
  • Analyzing structural causes through Hair Micro Analysis (H.M.A.)
  • PERSONALIZED natural non-invasive treatment

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