All Natural Therapy for Hair Growth

All Natural Therapy for Hair Growth in Mississauga

Antech’s 5 Step Treatment Therapy is a natural and painless alternative to hair transplants. Antech uses a combination of scientifically formulated bio-stimulants, soothing scalp massages, and natural herbal products that cleanse and penetrate the root system removing toxic waste elements and other debris. This process adds strength, volume, and luster to weakened hair.

STEP 1: Local Phase (3-5 weeks)

  • Exfoliation of dandruff, sebum and seborrhea plugs
  • Pliability and flexibility of the scalp
  • Neutralizing dry and oily hair conditions
  • Reduction of hair loss

STEP 2: Structural Phase (6-11 weeks)

  • Deeper cleansing of the bulb
  • Cleansing of the epidermal and dermal layers
  • Deeper vasodilatation

STEP 3: Development Phase (12-15 weeks)

  • Acceleration of the growth rate of replacement hair
  • Follow up hair micro analysis (HMA)
  • Enhanced nutrient activity of the scalp

STEP 4: Phase Out

  • Reduction of treatment frequency
  • Facilitation of independent functioning of the scalp
  • Determining personal maintenance requirements

STEP 5: Maintenance

  • Follow up evaluations and hair micro analysis (HMA)
  • Scalp metabolism boosters as per personal requirements
  • Continual support and follow-up

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