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At Antech Hair & Skin Clinics we are conscious that eliminating unwanted facial hair and body hair has been a preoccupation for centuries. Ancient Egyptians developed a sugaring paste approximately 300 years ago. Through the years we progressed to waxing that often left unsightly in-grown hair in the place of facial hair or shaving and plucking that required considerable time each day. Electrolysis was developed in 1875 and provided some sense of long term results but with scabbing, itching and dry skin as the trade-off.

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Laser Hair Removal (IPL) in Mississauga

The advent of Laser Hair Removal in Mississauga brought a whole new dimension to the dilemma of how to remain hair free. Estheticians found that using laser for hair removal could provide a faster treatment and a greater per-session reduction in facial hair and body hair than electrolysis could. Laser hair removal was fast and efficient, but not without consequence for darker skin tones. Being effective only on paler skin without sun exposure, this technology was not advisable for everyone. Laser for hair removal for some clients also proved quite uncomfortable. Even with integrated cooling systems, laser hair removal was often intolerable for treating facial hair or other sensitive areas.

IPL Treatments in Mississauga

At Antech Hair & Skin Clinics our primary concerns are treatment safety, results and client satisfaction. As all things evolve, technology progressed and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology was developed to surpass the limitations of laser for hair removal. IPL offers the most versatile, effective, and comfortable aesthetics treatments available. Unlike laser hair removal, light energy is absorbed by the pigment in the follicle and then converted to heat. The heat then loosens the hair and disables the cells responsible for growing new hair. Since the pulses of light energy penetrate the skin you do not need to let the hair grow out prior to treatment so you can remain virtually hair free throughout the course of your treatment.

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Mississauga IPL and Laser Hair Clinics

When you visit an Antech Hair & Skin Clinic you will discover our sessions are quick and easy. This technology removes hair up to 10 times faster than laser for hair removal, with greater comfort and less down time, so it can fit into even the busiest person’s schedule. Contrary to the technology of laser hair removal it is safe and effective on all skin types, even tanned skin. An average course of treatment requires between 6-10 sessions completed at specific intervals to maximize results. The number of sessions varies based on a variety of factors which can include hormonal changes, age, heredity, medical conditions, and prescription drugs. Please contact one of our Antech Hair & Skin treatment consultants for further details.

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