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Scalp Treatment in Mississauga

The Plain Truth on Scalp Treatments for Hair loss or Thinning Hair

  • All Natural, Safe, no side effects during or after treatment therapy
  • A natural way for hair loss prevention and control
  • No wigs, needles, drugs or painful surgeries
  • Natural blend of Herbal Extracts and Bio Stimulants

Since the 1970’s, Antech has been at the fore front of natural scalp treatments for thinning hair, hair loss and scalp related problems . If you are experiencing profuse hair loss; or have started to show signs of thinning hair, dry brittle hair, excessive itching, dandruff, redness, or burning/soreness of scalp. Our scalp treatments can provide effective relief and will improve hair and scalp conditions immediately.

Hair loss and thinning hair is a unique condition, and no two cases are exactly the same. At Antech we understand this well, and have been recommending personalized treatment therapy for over 30 years. Hair and scalp fitness in today’s day and age is critical, to maintain a healthy head of hair.

Is Hair Growth Possible?

There is no miracle cure for hair loss or baldness, if these issues are caught early enough, our treatments can help prevent these conditions from getting worse.

Rejuvenation and strengthening of weak hair follicles is possible. We provide a FREE Hair Micro Analysis (H.M.A) to determine and customize a natural scalp treatment approach to strengthen weak hair follicles. These natural treatments are completely safe, made of natural ingredients with no side effects unlike other drug based products.

By systematically eliminating sebaceous and toxic debris created through residue of harmful chemicals from gels, perms, mousses, styling agents, sweat, oils and other harmful substances that can affect the scalp and hair follicle producing healthy, strong hair.

Herbal Synergistic Approach

Herbal extracts have been used in many forms, strengths and combinations to address the concerns of individuals regarding hair loss. Through our methods and research we see that several plants provide a synergistic approach to relieve the symptoms while others act to correct and control the cause of the symptoms.

Hands on Approach

With over thirty one years of hands on experience at the Downtown clinic, has given us the knowledge and experience to treat each case on its own merit. We offer a natural approach to hair loss with great results.

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